October 4, 2016


Chance the Rapper Reworks 'Gimme a Break' Jingle for New Kit Kat Ad: Watch

Update (10/4): Chance the Rapper's Kit Kat commercial, the one you've always wanted since Monday afternoon, is here. Turns out the 23-year-old indepdent star is in that Mario 3–ish costume because it's a Halloween-timed ad. "That's a good song," Chano says of the piano-fied version of "Gimme a Break," as sung by his face on a Kit Kat's packaging. (Label: Chance the Wrapper.)

Original story (10/3): Kit Kat's "Gimme a Break" jingle never goes out of style, but it doesn't hurt to have the artist du jour give it some new life. And when you're a fiercely independent act who's never sold a single song for profit, it doesn't hurt to get that Hershey Company money.

So it was that the official Kit Kat Twitter announced to its 2,200 followers on Monday that 23-year-old Chance the Rapper is now featured on the new jingle, which is "dropping soon!!!" Notice Chance's face on the candy bar wrapper, which we hope like hell is real and coming soon to grocery store checkouts and hollow, plastic Halloween pumpkins with black plastic handles that always break.

One strong observation made on Twitter and RT'd by Chance, who is still clearly just havin' fun with it:

Andrew W.K. once set his party-synth sights on "Gimme a Break," too:

We're confident Chance can top that, but his work will have to be pretty exquisite to overshadow modern history's greatest "Gimme a Break" moment, though:

Next, watch Fuse kick it with Chano back in the olden days: