October 11, 2016


Watch Chance the Rapper Awesomely Tackle a Stage-Rushing Fan in Miami

Chance the Rapper is probably the most jovial artist out the moment (have you seen his Kit Kat commercial?), but that doesn't mean he's a pushover! The artist proved he isn't one to mess with when he tackled a fan who rushed the stage during a Miami concert.

The male show-goer caught Chance off guard when he jumped on his back mid-performance, but the rapper swiftly took him down before two security guards came to help. While the situation should be taken seriously, you can't deny Chance's epic timing. Watch the moment above via Pigeons & Planes.

Fans bum-rushing stages at rap concerts is an ongoing and annoying trend; will anyone ever forget Action Bronson body slamming fans in both Boston and Ft. Lauderdale in 2013? 

Below, watch Fuse's chat with an Acid Rap-era Chance the Rapper:

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