October 21, 2016


Watch Cher & James Corden Turn 'I Got You Babe' Into 'I Got You Bae'

For those millennials who couldn't get down with Sonny & Cher's 1965 hit "I Got You Babe," James Corden just gave it a modern update. On last night's episode of The Late Late Show, the host performed a new version of the classic alongside the pop icon herself.

Looking like a true diva, Cher entered the stage rocking one of her many signature hairstyles, a fur coat and sparkling red mini-dress. "I'm going to do one of my favorite songs tonight, it's very close to my heart," the singer told the crowd. "But I want to do it in a different way."

Corden then walks onstage dressed as a SFW version of a "If I Could Turn Back Time" Cher, wacky spiked wig and all! The duo then begin to sing "I Got You Bae," complete with new lyrics referencing Tinder, naughty emojis, Snapchat nudes, #netflixandchill and "Facebook offish" relationships. 

"They say we're young and we don't know / How to find love without using your phone," Cher sings. "Well I don't know if all that's true / Cause you swiped me and baby I swiped you," Corden responds.

During her appearance on The Late Late Show, Cher revealed she didn't like "I Got You Babe" at first when her musical partner/former husband Sonny Bono played it for her: 

"So he was writing, and he said, 'Cher, I want you to come here and sing this.' I said, 'Sonny, I'm embarrassed.' He said, 'Cher, Jesus, it's just me.' It was 'I Got You, Babe.' And I went, 'I'm going back to bed. This is just nothing.' Sonny had such a bad voice and it was on the piano. It just sounded like…I don't even know. Just really not a hit song. But I said the same thing about 'If I Could Turn Back Time'… Because Diane Warren did the demo, and it was terrible."

Cher is currently prepping her Classic Cher tour in Las Vegas and D.C., which begins in Feb. 2017. Watch an interview from the Fuse vault below, where LP discusses writing with Cher, Rita Ora and Leona Lewis: