October 28, 2016


Chris Martin & Conan O'Brien Sing Coldplay's 'Yellow' in Awful Cockney Accents: Watch

Conan O'Brien is a bit famous for his awful Cockney accent that he occasionally whips out on his TBS talk show, and last night it joined Chris Martin for a duet...chimney-sweep style.

Watch above as the singer and comedian deliver a Cockney-inspired take of the Coldplay classic "Yellow," ended with Conan yelling, "'Ello, gov'na!"

The duet came after Martin revealed his musical-theater struggles as a child. "I did one audition, which didn't go so well because I couldn't dance," Martin said. "And I got one part in a musical, but they said, 'You can't sing.'" (Shocking, tbh.) He did eventually snag a role as the Cockney chimney-sweep Alfred for a production of My Fair Lady, where he perfected his accent.

Chris later suggested, "Let's do our own album of Conan and Chris' Cockney Classics." Ehhh...we think we'll stick with "Hymn for the Weekend."

Watch Chris Martin share his admiration for Rihanna and One Direction when he stopped by Fuse HQ below: