October 18, 2016


Listen to David Bowie's 'When I Met You' and 'No Plan'

Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

The cast album for David Bowie's Lazarus musical is set to drop on Friday, and ahead of the release, we're getting "When I Met You," which debuted on BBC 6 Music on Tuesday.

Listen to it here at the 51-minute mark. It's got a classic creepy, ominous feel and Bowie's softly bellowing vocals calling out in various operatic layers.

"When I Met You" will be featured on the Lazarus double disc, out Oct. 21. The first disc will include songs sung by the music cast, including Michael C. Hall, and the second will feature previously unheard Bowie recordings, which were tracked with the Blackstar band and produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti.

"No Plan" was also revealed on BBC. Listen to that here at the 46-minute mark.

"Killing Time" will be unveiled shortly.