October 12, 2016


David Oyelowo Says 'Game of Thrones' Has 'No Excuse' for Lack of Diversity

Karwai Tang/WireImage
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Game of Thrones may be one of the biggest series to arrive on TV, but that doesn't mean the series doesn't have its faults. David Oyelowo recently criticized it in a Radio Times interview, where he states the HBO show has "no excuse" for placing actors of color in secondary roles.

“The fact that they put any ethnic minorities in that means that there should be space for bigger characters,” says the British actor (Selma, Queen of Katwe). “Because you’re not just saying, ‘OK this is purely a white world, and here are very story-driven reasons why that’s the case.'"

Oyelowo continued, "Even if, for whatever reason, it's a world in which people of color in those stories are subservient, or they are more in a helper role, that doesn't mean they can't have prominent storylines. All you have to do is shift the focus to focus on those characters."

“So for me, there is absolutely no excuse in a show like that why there aren’t more prominent characters of color," he concluded. Denouncing people of color by giving them lesser roles, as well as whitewashing, remains a frustrating trend in Hollywood. It was recently seen with the live-action remake of Mulan almost getting a white male lead, Tim Burton grossly explaining why his movies are so white and Taraji P. Henson revealing that a role written for her in Bill Murray's St. Vincent went to Naomi Watts. 

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