October 20, 2016


DJ Khaled & Get Schooled Announce Educational Keys to Success Campaign

DJ Khaled is always busy, and it's often for a positive cause. This week the Holy Key superstar and Beyoncé tour opener announced that he's the new national spokesperson for Get Schooled's Keys to Success campaign.

In a new PSA, Khaled encourages students in a classroom by materializing on a Mt. Rushmore poster, in a textbook, as the head of an eagle statue and, eventually, in person. "You wanna get that paper?" he asks a boy. "You better turn in that paper and get a A+. That's a major key; another one." And yet one more? "Stay focused, fly higher than the eagle."

The announcement came with a surprise visit to Miami Central Senior High School. Khaled told Billboard about his involvement:

"Education to me is the only way to the journey of success. I have built myself from the ground up and I want to inspire the youth across America to win more like me, and learn from my experience that anything is possible with determination and focus. I have always been supporting Miami schools. I saw the kids' reaction to the keys I was giving them and said to myself, 'I want to impact kids across America to win more,' so now I can give them the keys to success through the Keys program I created with the Get Schooled team."

A press release says the partnership will see result in "monthly 'keys' offering young people advice on setting and achieving goals, finding their passion. Young people who earn each of the monthly keys will be eligible to win a scholarship at the end of the school year."

Watch Fuse in conversation with DJ Khaled: