October 18, 2016


Fan-Made 'Friends' Episode: Chandler Dies & Haunts the Gang as a Green Ghost

Remember that classic Friends joint "The One Where Chandler Dies"? You don't, but YouTube's Dogfood Films does, because they wrote and directed the episode. Well, the YouTube mashup of scenes and goofy little animations, anyway.

The almost-episode-length clip (via Entertainment Weekly) spends about five minutes painting Chandler Bing's death and showing his friends' despair—and then things get ghosty. Is there anything scarier than making two wisecracks a minute and your friends not being able to LOL along? Is there anything less scary than a glowy, Tommyknockers-green Matthew Perry?

Vigorously enthusiastic kudos to Dogfood Films for canvassing 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes and coming up with this piece of Halloweeny wonder. Their previous work includes "Wonka: Drug Baron," "Harrison Ford Watches Indy for the First Time" and "Argo Home Alone."

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