October 13, 2016


Future Hispanic History Month: Coheed and Cambria's Own Story

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At Fuse, we're celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with Future Hispanic History Month, highlighting rising stars who are creating history before our very eyes. Today we salute Coheed and Cambria, who aren't following anyone's path but their own. 

Coheed and Cambria, who started in New York in 1995, have never been good at playing anyone's game. That's why they've carved out their own batch of dedicated followers without following the rules. Their music has been described as both progressive metal and post-punk, but we'll leave it up to you to decide what they really sound like. With pop melodies in songs like "A Favor House Atlantic" and the metal grunge of "Welcome Home," Coheed use whatever genre is more fitting to push out their story.

And their story isn't one you'll hear on Top 40 radio. All of Coheed's songs are based off a series of comic books created by frontman Claudio Sanchez. Sanchez has written The Armory Wars, and most of their releases are concept albums based off the characters in the books. He and wife Chondra Echert also co-wrote Key of Z and Kill Audio.

In 2015, the guys released their first non-conceptual album, The Color Before the Sun, which focuses more on the real stuff going on in Sanchez's life, like the birth of his son, Atlas. The "Deconstructed" version of the album was released in August, and features audio from Coheed's live shows, another important aspect of the band:

"Going up there on stage, you know, it's like a transformation," Sanchez told us earlier this year. "It allows some part of my subconsciousness to come alive that doesn't sit in the front of me. I get to transform into this something else that I have a lot of fun with that in reality and in my regular day just really isn't a part of my personality."

Watch Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez telling us about the band's 2015 album The Color Before the Sun below: