October 5, 2016


Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong on Pop-Punk Genre: 'Either You're Punk or You're Not'

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong flatly laid out his New Year's resolution on Dec. 31, tweeting, "my mission for 2016? to destroy the phrase 'pop-punk' forever.'

Now, with the Revolution Radio album due in two days, Armstrong is going into more depth. In a not-yet-online interview with U.K. magazine Kerrang! (via NME), the 44-year-old whose band hit the scene in 1990 says:

"I've always hated the phrase 'pop-punk.' I think it's a contradiction in terms. Either you're punk, or you're not. [The tweet] was not directed at any of the band [described this way], it's just that it's too singular a term for my tastes."

Armstrong also says he came up in a scene of radically diverse sounds, none of which sounded alike. "In fact, it was important that we were different from one another. And now we have pop-punk. And I hate that phrase. It lacks diversity."

Revolution Radio, led by the single "Bang Bang," is Green Day's first album in four years. Watch them debut some of the tracks live right here, then watch New Found Glory talk about the resurgence of pop-punk, which is, fun fact, a phase Billie Joe Armstrong hates: