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25 Hip-Hop Lyrics That Reference Hillary Clinton

From Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj, rappers have a bit of a thing for HRC

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Hillary Clinton has been a fixation for rappers since her first White House residency in the '90s, when she was thrown into hip-hop tracks to represent wealth, power, sex and, uh, cocaine. Some of the lyrics are sweet, others not so much. Now, as HRC eyes the White House again (this time as the Democratic presidential hopeful), she's reaching Halle Berry levels of hip-hop fame. CNN even has an analysis on whether all the references to her will help her win over young, black voters.

Click through to check out 25 rap songs in which Hillary Clinton makes cameos.

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Kendrick Lamar, "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)" feat. Jay-Z, 2013

Lyric: "Sittin' next to Hillary smellin' like dank" - Jay Z

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Method Man, "Cradle Rock" feat. Booster, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, 1998

Lyric: "Bad vibes filling me with thoughts of conspiracy / White Water scandals with Bill Clinton, Hillary" - Method Man

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Yo Gotti, "Where They Do That At?", 2015

Lyric: "All I know is white girl I call her Hillary 'cause that bitch got power plus she so considerate" - Yo Gotti

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Wax, "I Shoulda Tried Harder," 2013

Lyric: "Michael Jordan, I ain't talking to you, nope / Oprah Winfrey, I ain't talking to you, nope / Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, I ain't talking to y'all, nope / Tiger Woods, yeah, I possibly am talking to you / But Donald Trump I ain't talking to you" - Wax

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Lil Wayne, "Lollipop" feat. Static, 2008

Lyric: "I get her on top, she drop it like it's hot / And when I'm at the bottom, she Hillary Rodham" - Lil Wayne

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Lil B, "I'm Bill Clinton," 2010

Lyric: "Swag / I need Bill Clinton to light up the weed / Shout-outs to Hillary Clinton / You 'bout to win that president shit / For me you gonna be president soon, baby" - Lil B

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Eminem, "Role Model," 1999

Lyric: "So if I said I never did drugs, that would mean I lie and get fucked more than the President does / Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervertI ripped her fucking tonsils out and fed her sherbet (bitch!)" - Eminem

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Chief Keef, "Life So Hard" feat. Migos & Rich Homie Quan, 2015

Lyric: "Run from on the north, take a hoe and make a million / Make a basic bitch feel like Hillary Clinton" - Quavo

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Ty Dolla $ign, "$Intro," 2016

Lyric: "I'm Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, or is that one and the same? / 'Cause I don't know any politicians who's admitted that gang violence came from strange fool macho hang" - Ty Dolla $ign

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Outkast & Lenny Kravitz, "Again (Stankonia Remix)," 2001

Lyric: "Cuz when you show emotion, some young ladies think its gravy / Thinkin' they Hillary Clinton, not to mention, she got yo baby" - Big Boi

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Royce da 5'9", "I'm Me (Freestyle)," 2009

Lyric: "This industry is Hillary Clinton, literally, listen / You ain't got no choice now" - Royce da 5'9"

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Jeezy, "White Girl" feat. Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Rick Ross, 2007

Lyric: "We keep that white girl, like to call her Tammie / Born in Columbia, she move to Miami / Hillary Clinton, she my best friend" - Rick Ross

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The-Dream, "I Love Your Girl" feat. Jeezy, 2008

Lyric: "It goes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, made the world Trap or Die / Ask DJ Drama, it goes free Big Meech and motherfuck Osama" - Jeezy

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Trina, "Single Again (Remix)" feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Plies, 2008

Lyric: "Plies and Rick Ross / Like Hillary Clinton / I'm the boss" - Trina

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Robin Thicke, "Back Together" feat. Nicki Minaj, 2015

Lyric: "Used to call me Hillary cause I ride 'em" - Nicki Minaj

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Young Money, "Every Girl," 2009

Lyric: "And I'm about to get my Bill Clinton on / And Hillary can Rodham too, boy, I gets my pimpin' on" - Gudda Gudda

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G-Eazy, "A Thing for Me," 2011

Lyric: "And lately, I've been looking for some quick relief / Liberally, accepting Monicas but missing Hillary / But inside this is all causing misery" - G-Eazy

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KRS-One, "Bring It Back," 1997

Lyric: "It Takes a Village like Hillary" - KRS-One

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Big Sean, "Whatever You Like" feat. Kanye West, 2010

Lyric: "Took acting classes with Denzel / Leading lady like Hillary grabbing big bills" - Big Sean

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Jay Z, "NYMP," 1999

Lyric: "I take and rape villages, who gon' stop him? / Not Rudy Guiliani, not Hillary Rodham" - Jay Z

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Master P, "The Ghetto Won't Change," 1996

Lyric: "Every dollar I make, ten go back to Hillary / And Bill, I guess life is real" - Master P

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Jermaine Dupri, "Fresh" feat. Slick Rick, 1998

Lyric: "Slick, Jermaine Dupri back as the fat trackers / We'll diarrhea up on your black ass / Babies jump out the carriage / Could even fix the Hillary and Clinton marriage" - Slick Rick

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Trae tha Truth, "I Am the Streets" feat. Rick Ross, Lloyd, The Game, 2011

Lyric: "Whip it in the kitchen before Hillary became a Clinton" - Rick Ross

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Ludacris, "Let's Stay Together," 2008

Lyric: "If Will and Jada can do it then why can't we? / Hillary's still with Bill Clinton, how do they do it?" - Ludacris

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Skepta, "Badman in Tivoli," 2012

Lyric: "Still I had the ladies feeling my masculinity / Black Bill Clinton linking Monica and Hillary" - Skepta


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