October 10, 2016


Shirtless Hurricane Matthew Headbanger Is the Best Slayer Fan Ever: Watch

Hurricanes are scary, devastating things, but one huge Slayer fan found a way to pull some humor from the situation over the weekend. Hitting the street in nothing but shorts, American flag in hand, long red hair flowing free, Lane Pittman headbanged to Slayer's "Raining Blood." The only bummer is that he only uploaded 10 seconds.

Since posting on Oct. 7, the video's gotten 1.9 million views and another 23 million on a different Facebook page. The day was also the 30th anniversary for the iconic album from which the song hails, Reign in Blood.

Pittman shared a pic of the madness, assuring, "Don't worry Nana, I wasn't out too long in this picture 😘":

And there's already fan art:

Spin notes that Pittman is also known online as GingerLife, "a guitar player from Florida who’s attracted something of a social media following for his impressive mane of red hair." The site adds that Pittman was arrested in 2015 for shredding the National Anthem too hard in his hometown of Jacksonville.

Watch Slayer's Kerry King in conversation with Fuse: