October 19, 2016


I.O.I Close Remarkable Year With Incredibly Catchy 'Very Very Very'

After winning in groundbreaking reality show Produce 101—which whittled down from 101 K-pop hopefuls to form the temporary 11-member girl group I.O.I that will promote together for one year—the outfit is nearing their end. Luckily, they're going out with a bang with their third and final single "Very Very Very" as one of the catchiest K-pop tunes this year.

With a bouncy, 8bit-inspired beat courtesy of K-pop super-producer JYP, "Very Very Very" is a non-stop race of bubblegum earworms, from the instantly addictive chorus of "neomu neomu neomu" (the Romanization pronunciation of "very very very" in Korean) to the easy-to-follow rap section. The cut has gotten mentioned for its similarities to Girls' Generation's breakout bubblegum smash "Gee" that also played off repetitive hooks over a slinky pop beat. It's not a bad style to emulate as the song essentially changed the K-pop game, setting a new standard for accessible catchiness in the Korean-pop scene seen by it earning the most-watched K-pop video on YouTube for years before PSY took over.

The accompanying music video sees the ladies embracing a quirky, colorful concept as they pair their high socks and tennis skirts with emoji stickers and draw-on freckles. After showcasing a bright and cheery image in "Dream Girls" and then switching to powerful femme fatales for "Whatta Man," this new video shows how versatile these girls can be when they (inevitably) become K-pop superstars.

"Very Very Very" is the lead single off I.O.I's Miss Me? EP that boasts four other songs including "Hold On" (which was produced by Jinyoung of K-pop boy band favorite B1A4) and "More More" (co-written by I.O.I leader Nayoung, indicating exciting things for her future as an artist). Judging from the initial reaction to "Very Very Very"—which unseated K-pop phenoms BTS on the digital charts—the song could prove to be the girls' biggest hit yet after scoring hits with all their past singles. Not a bad way to end things at all.

Stream Miss Me? via Apple Music and below listen to the latest episode of Fuse's K-pop podcast K-Stop: