October 13, 2016


Jeffrey Dean Morgan of 'The Walking Dead' Wants to Play Darker 'Flashpoint' Batman

Michael Stewart/Getty Images
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's big introduction on The Walking Dead was already enough of a year-maker to just sit back and enjoy it a bit. But he also appeared in March's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, ever-so-briefly, and now he wants to do more.

In BvS, Morgan appeared as Bruce Wayne's doomed father, Thomas Wayne. In DC Comics' 2011 crossover story Flashpoint, the Flash messes with the fabric of time, little Bruce gets killed and the elder Wayne becomes Batman. Morgan wants that to happen in DC and Zack Snyder's onscreen universe.

“Maybe when [Snyder] cast me that was kind of the goal," the Good Wife/Grey's Anatomy alum told Cinema Blend. "Hopefully DC can figure this all out, and in a few years I can come back and do a Flashpoint Batman! I would love it. That would be great.”

Morgan previously acted in Snyder's 2009 Watchmen adaptation, which is when the idea was born. In the same interview, the actor said:

"I have not had any big discussions with him about [Flashpoint], but I remember when we were in Australia doing Watchmen press, and I was having dinner with Zack or whatever. And he was like, 'My dream is to do the Frank Miller Batman.' And he goes, 'You would be an awesome Batman.' The darker version."

Back in June at Denver Comic Con, Morgan also said, "Man, I would love to play that Batman. ... Flashpoint would be very cool." Then ComicBook.com served up an image of what they thought he'd look like in the part.

Listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast break down Batman v Superman at the 25:25 mark in the episode below: