October 10, 2016


'Jumaniji': Watch Kevin Hart Ride Around on Dwayne Johnson's Back

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson having been busy filming the Jumanji sequel in Hawaii, slipping out a few teasers for hungry fans along the way. And on Sunday, we got an acutally clip of the set and all the quirkiness going on there.

Johnson posted a video to his Instagram, filming the whole thing while Hart was strapped to his back. The guys play up the discomfort of having to be stuck to each other in between takes, and it's pretty funny.

"I'm giving this guy major moose knuckle in the spine," Hart yelps, trying to hold back his own laughter while Johnson maintains his badass glare.

Johnson plays Dr. Bravestone in the new movie and he's been sharing a few tidbits from the set, including this concept art for his character.

The film, which also stars Karen Gillian, Jack Black and Nick Jonas, is a sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams-starring movie. Johnson has confirmed that they will be paying homage to the late actor with the new project, expected out July 2017.