October 27, 2016


Kevin Gates Gets Six Months in Jail for Kicking Fan

Prince Williams
Prince Williams

Kevin Gates has been sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty of misdemeanor battery after kicking a woman at his Lakeland, Fla. concert in August 2015.

A jury of six white women convicted the Louisiana rapper, who argued that he was standing his ground after the fan tried to grab him onstage. Gates kicked the woman in the stomach, knocking her unconscious and causing her stomach pain for the next month.

Gates will stay at Polk County jail and undergo one year of probation after he is released.

The rapper's lawyer, Jose Baez, who defended Casey Anthony five years ago, argued that victim was just trying to use Gates' fame for benefits in a separate civil lawsuit. "Her credibility is to be questioned," she said, "and you will not be able to beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt in this case believe her and that is why you should enter a verdict of not guilty in this case."

Gates' wife Dreka Gates stood by her husband's side after the sentencing, posting a video of the incident on Instagram and writing sarcastically, "Thanks for taking my husband away from our kids."

Watch a chat we had with Gates in better times: