October 25, 2016


Fans Think This Japanese Pop Group Is Wearing Nazi-Themed Costumes for Halloween

via keyakizaka46.com
via keyakizaka46.com

Every year, Halloween unfortunately brings out some unsavory costumes—like Jason Aldean's blackface Lil Wayne last year or the newly-unveiled-and-quickly-cancelled "Parisian Heist" look—and 2016 has brought out another poorly planned look. Ugh.

Newly formed Japanese girl group Keyakizaka46 have been donning costumes that many fans are saying closely resembles Nazi uniforms. There isn't explicit Nazi symbolism, but the style of the dresses, scarves and hats the members wear look very similar to those worn by Adolf Hitler supporters from 1933 to 1945. See what some Twitter users have noticed below:

As Gawker's Kotaku notes, Asian-pop groups have had issues with Nazi symbols (the outlet has noted that multiple J-pop acts have worn questionable get-ups, as has a recent K-pop act), and there appears to be little issue in Keyakizaka46's native Japan where Kotaku notes a local TV news company described the costumes as "a witch-like black uniform." Sigh.

It is important to remember that Japan were allies with Nazi Germany during World War II and the traditional Nazi Swastika is also associated with Buddhism. This might explain the lack of sensitivity over the still unbelievable horrors by Hitler and his Third Reich that left six million Jews dead and countless other victims. But in an age where information is so readily available and viewers around the world can see your every move, it's that much more important to be considerate and sensitive before putting on that Halloween costume.