October 5, 2016


Is Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Leaving Twitter Now Too?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The number of people leaving or taking breaks from Twitter are multiplying, it seems, as celebrities exponentially speak up about the hate they receive on the social media platform. On Wednesday, Lauren Jauregui became the second member of Fifth Harmony to announce her break from Twitter this year, after her bandmate Normani Kordei was forced off the app when she received a slew of racist hate speech in August.

In Jauregui's case, on Tuesday night, she posted links and tweets about Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, which didn't sit too well with trolls. Lauren has been very vocal about Donald Trump's pitfalls in the past, but her legion of Hillary Clinton supports weren't too keen on her Stein tweets promoting a third party, which might split the Democratic vote.

Jauregui is just one of many celebrities who are speaking out against the unrelenting bullying on Twitter. In July, Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones was brought to tears for violent racist threats on her account. She later worked with Twitter to take down the trolls. Internet hero Chrissy Teigen put her Twitter on private on Wednesday as to not expose herself to unwanted junk. And, well, the Cincinnati Zoo had to delete their account after getting so many damn Harmabe memes.

Similarly, Justin Bieber made his Instagram private after fans went after pictures he posted of rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Meanwhile, other fans are begging Jauregui not to leave Twitter:

While others are trying to respect her decision:

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