October 21, 2016


Listen to Léon's Latest Relatable Breakup Tune 'Think About You'

As Léon's new single "Tired of Talking" continues to pick up steam on the charts, the rising Swedish singer is giving hungry fans a little something to keep them satisfied until her debut album comes. 

Listen above to "Think About You," which once again sees the latest Fuse First artist in a sonic space that blends simple piano and strings like with disco-lush synthesizers like "Tired of Talking." But as we're coming to expect from Léon, the striking, vulnerable songwriting is the centerpiece of the track as she pleads on the chorus: "Where's your heart at? Don't you feel alone? / Tell me, will you give us one more try? / 'Cause I...I think about you, I think about you."

If "Tired of Talking" was the point where Léon was fed up in the relationship and ready to call it quits, "Think About You" is that weird space 24 hours later where you start re-thinking if you made the best decision. Léon...have you been creeping in our text messages, girl?

Watch more with our new Fuse First artist Léon as the singer details her upcoming debut album below: