October 7, 2016


See Lindsay Lohan & Jonathan Bennett's 'Mean Girls' Reunion on FaceTime

Chris Weeks/WireImage
Chris Weeks/WireImage

Mean Girls is just one of those things that will never lose its nostalgia-glow. So it's with great pleasure that we announce that Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett, a.k.a. the hunky Aaron Samuels, are still muchachos. And that LiLo's hashtag game is...interesting:

The reason Bennett and Lohan hopped on FaceTime? Could've been one of a couple things. He was in New York to see Hamilton (was he in the theater while they FaceTimed? Did the show stop so everyone could say hi to LiLo?), while October 3 marked Mean Girls Day, thanks to Aaron asking Cady for the date during that one magical class:

While Lohan, 30, has had a minimal screen presence for years, Bennett, 35, has been acting steadily, appearing on the show Awkward as well as the movies Do You Take This Man, Paid in Full and Cats Dancing on Jupiter.

A Mean Girls musical is coming to Washington, D.C. in 2017 after years of fans clamoring.