October 26, 2016


'Muppet Babies' Getting a CGI Reboot on Disney Junior

Disney Junior
Disney Junior

Some of the most adorable characters from '80s babies' childhoods are making a return to TV.

Muppet Babies was the cartoon series that ran from 1984-1991, imagining Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the whole Muppet gang as toddler friends living together in a nursery under the care of their "Nanny." Disney Junior is rebooting the show as a CG-animated format and it will, again, be aimed toward children aged four to seven. But we're sure they'll find more than enough adults tuning in to relive the nostalgia. 

"Bringing Muppet Babies to Disney Junior is a wonderful opportunity to reach a new generation of viewers and to creatively build on the innovative original series," Debbie McClellan, Vice President of the Muppets Studio, said. "We hope to engage and delight the nostalgic fans while also entertaining new kids, parents and diverse audiences through heart and humor as only the Muppets can deliver."

Production has already begun on the show, which will premiere in 2018. 

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