October 20, 2016


Get a First Look at 'Barry,' Netflix's Barack Obama Movie

You know Barack Obama? The man that's our current president? Well, he's spawning multiple movies about his life, despite still sitting in the Oval Office. 

It seems as if we're eager to retell Obama's inspiring story before he even leaves the White House, and while we're smack dab in the peak of election season with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton eyeing for Obama's seat, it's good to have a reminder that we still have B.O. in there. 

Following Southside with You, the story of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date, we're now getting Barry, a film that follows a young Barry as he transferred to Columbia University in 1981.

Today, we get a first look at Barry, which shows Australian actor Devon Terrell walking in Obama's footsteps and eating almonds. It's riveting.

The indie movie was directed by Vikram Ghandi and stars Ashley Judd, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jason Mitchell and Ellar Coltrane. It premieres on Netflix on Dec. 16.