October 17, 2016


See Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled & More Lip-Sync to 'Pinocchio' in Goofy Beats Ad

Money talks, and if it's Beats money talking to a cadre of A-list celebrities, the celebs will also talk, saying something like, "Yeah, sounds great." Because while the brand's product placement in music videos can be a disaster, they at least make great ads.

Today's commercial, for wireless headphones and set to the tune (and sometimes the visual) of Disney's Pinocchio singing "I've Got No Strings," has everyone. You'll see Travis Scott skipping down the street, Nicki Minaj blissing out in the opulent lobby of a building she presumably owns, Steve Buscemi twirling a flight attendant, Young M.A "ooouuu"-ing at a woman on the street, Pharrell conducting a high school band, Amber Rose falling on her face and DJ Khaled sauntering down some steps and watering his famous plants.

You'll also catch Michael Phelps, Rebel Wilson, Karlie Kloss, Ben Simmons and PartyNextDoor helping their friend Beats Solo3 Wireless spread the message.

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