October 5, 2016


Watch 'New Girl' & 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Cute Crossover Episode Teaser

Imagine the hijinx! When New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine team up on Tuesday, it looks like all sorts of shit is going to go down. The teaser for the episode is now online, and it looks like the crossover shenanigans are going to get awfully chaotic.

Zooey Deschanel and the crew head to New York because Schmidt believes he's being honored at his high school. They're completely embracing of their tourist status, but things started to get funky when Andy Sandberg and his delightfully quirky club of cops get involved.

The crossover begins when Jake Peralta demands that he needs to "commandeer this vehicle." How zany! He gets Jess to help him track down a suspect. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston try to find money for the subway, and Jess ends up at the 99th precinct. Cece also faces off with her new mother-in-law.

The two Fox shows will get together on Tuesday for an hour, starting at 8.