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New York Comic Con 2016 News & Trailers Roundup: 'The Defenders,' 'Stranger Things' & More

Also: 'The Walking Dead,' 'War for the Planet of the Apes,' and Gerard Way's special treat

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'Power Rangers' trailer

After a bunch of images and casting news, the first in-motion look at the upcoming Power Rangers reboot—which may spawn up to seven more movies—debuted at New York Comic Con 2016.

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Gerard Way & My Chemical Romance's Ray Toro dropped an exclusive cassette

It's only got one song and an excerpt from a made-up movie, Poggy's Cavern. Gerard Way was there as the writer for DC's Doom Patrol and co-writer on Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye.

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A 'Walking Dead' Season 7 scene

Four whole minutes depicting the aftermath of that maddening Season 6 cliffhanger—without solving the mystery of who died. There was also a big panel.

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'Deadpool the Duck' is coming

Yup, that's Howard the Duck and Deadpool, fused into one body. The five-issue arc launches in January, and Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon will have a part. Writer Stuart Moore told Comic Book Resources:

"Deadpool and Howard are both known as humorous characters, but their sensibilities are light-years apart. Deadpool is a mercenary and a killer, but at heart he’s an oddly happy character—he knows what he is, and he likes doing what he does. Howard is darker, with a strong tendency to overthink things. He’s got a temper, but he doesn’t really believe in violence. Some of the most fun scenes in the book—to me, anyway—are when they’re just arguing, driving each other crazy."

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'John Wick: Chapter 2' trailer

Because when everyone's suddenly telling everyone else to see an "actually pretty great" Keanu Reeves movie, you don't wait long to make a sequel.

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'War for the Planet of the Apes' intel

We, the public, got to see the "motion-poster," a.k.a. a footage-less teaser, but the people of New York Comic Con got seven minutes of rough-cut material and some information at an hourlong panel. Turns out director Matt Reeves moved from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to this one after just a four-week break (or six-week break; there was some debate).

"Reeves called War of the Planet of the Apes an epic that takes the series to a 'mythical' level," added The Hollywood Reporter, "promising the audience that it is darker, more action-packed and also funnier than earlier movies."

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'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' trailer

The sixth Resident Evil movie will conclude the story that began in 2002. Asked to indulge the thought experiment of what would happen if Alice were to join The Walking Dead's squad of zombie-killers, actress Milla Jovovich answered:

"[She] would kill it, are you kidding. She rules that world. I think they would be very, very lucky to have Alice as part of the crew. ... They would all die, of course. Everyone around Alice is always dying, so maybe they wouldn't be so lucky [to have her]."

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'Underworld: Blood Wars' trailer

Speaking of long-running series with a badass woman in the lead, blasting away at monsters...

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Meet 'The Defenders'—and their famous nemesis

Luke Cage just dropped, but that didn't stop Marvel and Netflix from looking ahead to their posse series The Defenders at NYCC, bringing Cage (Mike Colter), Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) together for the first time in public. 

We also got hard info: Sigourney Weaver, geek queen with credits like Avatar, Alien and Ghostbusters, is playing the baddie.

Jon Bernthal showed up too, hyping his spinoff series The Punisher, which named some new cast members.

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The First 'Iron Fist' trailer

Netflix finally revealed footage of its fourth and final hero to get a show before The Defenders. (And yes, the trailer teases that aspect outright—"The Final Defender Arrives.") Game of Thrones alum Finn Jones looks perfect for the part, and the amount of hardcore hand-to-hand action looks perfect for a superhero named Iron Fist.

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More 'Stranger Things' scoop

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 07:  David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown speak onstage at Inside the Upside Down with Millie Bobby Br
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Stranger Things panel featured Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), David Harbour (Chief Hopper) and the li'l datum that Millie doesn't like Eggos so much anymore. "The amount I eat is actually really hard to digest," she said. "It does taste really nice, but not like 15 times."

As far as Season 2, Harbour says to expect more about the loss of his young daughter.

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