October 12, 2016


Watch Nick Jonas' Trippy 'Voodoo' Video, Filmed in New Orleans

Get ready to get messy with Nick Jonas. The 24-year-old's latest Last Year Was Complicated video, "Voodoo," is an acid trip walkthrough of New Orleans. The kind of acid trip where people turn blacklight-cartoon–y and doodled X's flicker on their eyes.

Since Jonas and Jay Z are likethis, the "Voodoo" video is exclusive to Tidal. Non-subscribers can check out 30 seconds above, though.

Last month, someone caught Jonas filming the visual in NOLA and created a nice impromptu behind-the-scenes video. Jonas got that wobbly in-your-face camera effect by using a waist-mounted selfie-stick, basically. (Film industry people who know it's not at all a selfie-stick: I am so, so sorry.)

Watch a pre–New Orleans acid trip conversation with Nick Jonas below: