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Nickelodeon's Best Animated Show Couples, Ranked

See where famous pairs from 'Hey Arnold,' 'The Fairly Oddparents,' 'Doug' & more rank in our list!

15 / 15

Marianne & Nigel Thornberry, 'The Wild Thornberrys'

Despite exploring wildlife around the world together, this pair isn't the most exciting couple. But we commend Marianne for being able to put up with Nigel's bird brain moments.

14 / 15

Drew & Charlotte Pickles, 'Rugrats'

Drew and Charlotte aren't the best couple to model your relationship after, as Drew is a total pushover when it comes to Angelica and Charlotte pretty much forgets she has a daughter at times. Their time is spent so much on work and raising their kid that they barely have any left for each other.

13 / 15

Arnold & Lila, 'Hey Arnold'

There's a reason why Helga calls Lila "little miss perfect." The farm girl might seem pleasant and well-mannered at first, but she proves to be incredibly annoying throughout the series. She can't make up her mind about how she feels about Arnold, and falls for his cousin Arnie. But she is one of very few who knew about Helga's love for him, so I commend her for not spilling the big secret.

12 / 15

Sheldon Plankton & Karen, 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

Plankton—the evil archenemy of Mr. Krabs—invented Karen, his computer W.I.F.E. (a.k.a "Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph"), so one would think she'd be a passive device person. But she has a very sarcastic personality and is the voice of reason who constantly puts Plankton in his place.

11 / 15

Stu & Didi Pickles, 'Rugrats'

Along with being the best parents to their kids Tommy and Dil, Stu and Didi are unafraid to show their undying love for each other (despite being total opposites).

10 / 15

Ren & Stimpy, 'The Ren & Stimpy Show'

While The Ren & Stimpy Show never stated the characters were getting it on, their slightly BDSM relationship hinted at something much naughtier than being just friends. The "Insomniac Ren" episode, where Stimpy dreams he and Ren had a litter of children, explains it all.

9 / 15

Darren Patterson & Ginger Foutley, 'As Told by Ginger'

Darren and Ginger grew up together as next-door neighbors, so they've already had a strong friendship. They were able to connect due to being "unpopular kids": Ginger is awkward and shy, while Darren unfortunately had to rock headgear. 

But he betrays her once the headgear comes off and begins dating the ultimate cool girl—Miranda. Ginger and Darren eventually become a couple, until Darren proves that he's a total fuckboy when he cheats on his one true love. Unfortunately, Ginger can't get enough and ends up marrying him.

8 / 15

Timmy Turner & Trixie Tang, 'The Fairly Oddparents'

It's so fun to witness Timmy try to win over Trixie, the most popular and richest girl in school, throughout the show. She eventually gets to know him and the kids soon fall for each other. They even share a few kisses! Ah, young love...

7 / 15

Cindy Vortex & Jimmy Neutron, 'The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius'

These two start off as competitive rivals, but their hate adorably turns into a friendship. It eventually leads them to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, even after Cindy developed a brief crush on Timmy Turner.

6 / 15

Doug Funnie & Patti Mayonnaise, 'Doug'

It was so crushing to watch the awkward Doug try and fail to win Patti's affection throughout the series. But dude, as seen in the gif above, she really wasn't that into you! At one point, they go to movies (they don't call it a date) and almost kiss, leaving fans of the show frustrated about their One True Pairing.

5 / 15

Gerald Johanssen & Phoebe Heyerdahl, 'Hey Arnold!'

The main focus on Hey Arnold! has always been Arnold and Helga, but their best friends also had a relationship of their own brewing. The show drops endless hints that Phoebe has a crush on Gerald, where they hang out at after-school parties and even ride the Tunnel of Love together. The sweet glances they share will make your heart melt.

4 / 15

Cosmo & Wanda, 'The Fairly OddParents'

Cosmo is one of the dumbest and way-too emotional characters in Nickelodeon animation history, but his wife Wanda loves him all the same. His dimwit actions combined with her responsible-but-nagging nature makes for some very funny TV moments!

3 / 15

Danny Phantom & Samantha Manson, 'Danny Phantom'

It was frustrating to watch best friends Danny and Sam ignore their romantic feelings towards each other. They obviously wanted to be together even though they were too shy to admit it. The pair finally became a couple in the series finale.

2 / 15

Korra & Asami Sato, 'The Legend of Korra'

Nickelodeon should be commended for their representation of a LBGT couple in The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Korra and Asami, who were best friends for years, always showed compassion and sympathy towards one another. So their eventual relationship was a natural transition, which was solidified in the show's final scene as they longingly gazed at each other.

1 / 15

Arnold & Helga Pataki, 'Hey Arnold'

Helga's secret love for Arnold is one of the main plotlines that anchors the beloved show. She's seen as a bully to almost all her classmates, but once in a while her softer (and scarily obsessive) side comes to light. Helga tries very hard to hide her strong feelings towards Football Head, but she finally confesses her love in Hey Arnold!: The Movie and the two actually kiss! Let's hope the two stay together and get married in the upcoming Jungle movie.


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