October 21, 2016


Stream Lady Gaga's 'Joanne'


The much anticipated fifth album from Lady Gaga is here! Joanne dropped while you were all sleeping (unless you were a die-hard who stayed awake) on Oct. 21.  Gaga payed a lot of the songs Thursday night at NYC's Bitter End (Robert de Niro and Helen Mirren were there too!) as part of her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, where she previously unveiled new tracks.

The LP is named after his father's sister, who passed away before young Germanotta was born. She told The Sunday Times:

"I’m not sure I’d go into detail about it but Joanne gave me strength to live the rest of the life she didn’t get to have. Calling it Joanne is, I guess—I think, if I can heal one person, maybe I can heal two, five, ten million. If I could just heal my dad, then maybe [I] might heal someone else.”

Joanne includes the oft-debated single "Perfect Illusion" and the country-tinged "A-Yo." Stream the whole thing below via Spotify: