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In Too Deep

What Are the '13 Voices' on Sum 41's New Album? A Lyrical Analysis

We take a closer look at the band's comeback LP (spoiler alert: there are only 10 voices)

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"A Murder of Crows": Unrepentant

The sweet orchestral strings that open Sum 41's lead track on the new album 13 Voices get a jolt of fiery energy when the trembling drums and electric guitar riffs come crashing through. The in-your-face production reflects frontman Deryck Whibley's attitude, which shows zero remorse for his once-friends. 

"You're all dead to me / Couldn't say it was nice to know you all / Take a look cause the writing is on the wall / You disappear but I survive," he singer grumbles on the kiss-off track.

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"Goddamn I'm Dead Again": Motivational

The incredibly fast-paced and almost maddening electric notes (courtesy of lead guitarists Dave Baksh and Tom Thacker) will give you all the motivation you need to try and crawl out of the relatable rabbit hole that Whibley sings about.

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"Fake My Own Death": Stealth

With a title like "Fake My Own Death," it's no surprise that Sum 41 show off their trickery in both the complex production and ability to sell their soul with ease. As Whibley shouts, "there will be blood."

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"Breaking the Chain": Grateful

The vibrant production on this song is the perfect fit for its theme of trying to get your life back on track after you stumbled and fell plenty of times in the past. "Make no mistake, I've paid my price / I've done my time with the devil in disguise," Whibley sings as he looks back at his own pitfalls.

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"There Will Be Blood": Menacing

Frightening lyrics like "We'll take the souls of the little ones and that might be you" and Just sell your souls for the lowest bargain / The price will be on your head" are just a few examples that prove this to be the ultimate horror soundtrack cut. The other songs on 13 Voices sound angelic compared to "There Will Be Blood."

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"13 Voices": Murderous

Whibley makes it clear that he's not here for your approval, nor that he cares what you think. "Im not your savior or a saint, no use praying for escape," he sneers on the wicked track. "I'll be there just to put the bullet in your head." Yeah, you don't want to get in his way.

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"War": Recovery

“I feel this song literally saved my life. I was at my absolute lowest point of what seemed like a never ending recovery," the frontman said in a statement about this vulnerable single. The singer hasn't been one to hide his battle with alcoholism, and "War" is a reflection of his road to recovering from the crippling addiction.

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"God Save Us All (Death to POP)": Distrust

The third single off 13 Voices is a blatant middle finger to all the fake people out there. Sum 41 can see right through the lies, as they shout "I've had enough and your time is up / So give me something, that one thing real."

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"The Fall And the Rise": Fearlessness

This track, which is a hybrid of '80s horror film scores and '90s rap/rock, finds the guys not backing down from anything. It's also fun to hear Whibley try his hand at rapping ("And I won't break down, I'm too proud / Let's give them shit to talk about"). It helps him sound even more like a tough guy, and drives the song's punchy message home.

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"Twisted by Design": Redemption

The final song on 13 Voices wraps up Sum 41's journey of making it through the storm and finally being able to bask in a new, hopeful light. The lyrics "I'm breaking down the walls / Unveiling my share of faults / This blood on my hands is a blessing / In a lifetime, twisted by design" are a powerful statement of vulnerability and acceptance.

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