October 4, 2016


Watch Sum 41 Play 'Fake My Own Death' Live on 'Colbert'

Sum 41 brought the punk to Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, performing the very scratch-that-nostalgia-itch–y "Fake My Own Death." Back in June, the single marked the first time in four years that we heard new music from the guys. Friday's release of 13 Voices will mark the band's first full-length in more than five and a half years.

Anyone who's been on the fence about hitting up this month's Don't Call It a Sum-Back Tour, now's your time to decide. Let the Colbert live performance be your guide. In a previously released tour teaser, newly sober frontman Deryck Whibley says, "Everything that we've all been through, and that we're still here, and it feels like it's getting better...it just...it couldn't feel better, really."

Get Sum 41's tour dates here, watch their 13 Voices video "War" here, then see Whibley tell Fuse about his recovery: