October 23, 2016


Taylor Swift Plays Calvin Harris' 'This Is What You Came For' at Austin Grand Prix: Watch

Kevin Mazur/BMA2015/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/BMA2015/WireImage

Fans didn't know what to expect when Taylor Swift started her headlining gig at the Forumla 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, but they surely didn't suspect that she'd whip out "This Is What You Came For." Fuse was on the ground at the race and got the full experience.

Even if you stay out of celebrity drama, it was nearly impossible to avoid the hullabaloo that "This Is What You Came For" started this summer. The song, performed by Rihanna and credited to Calvin Harris and a mysterious Nils Sjoberg, hit airwaves shortly before Swift and ex-boyfriend broke up somewhat amicably. After the song gained traction, fans began to notice that some of the vocals on the track sounded suspiciously of Swift.

Swift's rep confirmed the rumors in a statement in July and revealed that Nils Sjoberg had been a pen name, used so that a Swift/Harris collaboration wouldn't draw attention away from the fact that it's a bomb track. Harris went on the defense, taking to Twitter for a rant about how much he contributed to the song and how it wasn't nice of Taylor to reveal herself as the songwriter after coming to an agreement with him.

The drama subsided and Swift became too caught up in the Kim Kardashian West narrative for people to care, but "This Is What You Came For" continued to dominate radio.

And now, Swift is taking full ownership of the song, busting it out during her greatest-hits set at the Circuit of the Americas. Sitting at a piano, the singer performed "This Is What You Came For" for the first time live. Watch a fan-recorded video clip below:

Remind yourself of Rihanna's rendition below:

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