October 4, 2016


Taylor Swift Got a Super Bowl Gig! (On Saturday...)

XPX/Star Max/GC Images
XPX/Star Max/GC Images

OK, so the rumor is that Taylor Swift can't perform at the Super Bowl because a sponsorship deal with Diet Coke bars her from the Pepsi-sponsored halftime gig, which has officially gone to Lady Gaga. So what does Swift do? She signs another deal, duh!

Swift and AT&T announced on Tuesday that they're joining forces for a multi-year friendship, and her first item of fun inolves playing Super Bowl Saturday on DirecTV. (Oddly enough, nowhere in the press release do they mention the words "Super Bowl." They only say the "Big Game.")

Nevertheless, Swift will be performing at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night in Houston on Feb. 4 at a custom-made, 64,000 square-foot venue created especially for this event (the company's 12th).

If you're a fan and want tickets, stay tuned. There will be a series of exclusive AT&T promotions and campaigns.

Later this month, Taylor will be rocking another Texas sports event. Swift, along with The Weeknd, are headlining the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin.