October 19, 2016


The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart Says Account Was Hacked After Allegedly Tweeting Nasty Things to Halsey

Christopher Polk/AMA2016/Getty Images for dcp
Christopher Polk/AMA2016/Getty Images for dcp

There's a bunch of drama going down on Drew Taggart's Twitter account, and people are torn over who's to blame. The Chainsmokers member's handle dished up some unsavory tweets on Tuesday night. Taggart claims he was hacked, but some fans think he is covering his tracks.

It all started when Lady Gaga dropped her "A-Yo" single on Tuesday by tweeting at The Chainsmokers. Member Alex Pall had previously said that Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" "sucks" in a Rolling Stone interview, so she was making a little jab. The Chainsmokers replied graciously.

The Chainsmokers' "Closer" collaborator Halsey seemed equally as impressed by Gaga:

They continued to have a little love fest on Twitter. Positive vibes, y'all!

And then begins the drama. Taggart reportedly replied to this shade by calling Halsey a "bald bitch."

But that could easily be fake, right?

A fan quickly proved it was real by showing that the link worked:

Then Taggart claimed that his account was hacked:

But then a bunch of other tweets appeared on his account. They were deleted, but fans claimed they screenshot them. Some are saying that he tweeted additional horrible things so it really seemed like he was hacked. (Warning: the below tweets are pretty gross.)

Fans noticed that Halsey no longer follows Drew Taggart on Twitter. They also continue to speculate over the deleted tweets, one of which was directed at Nicki Minaj. The misogynistic mystery continues...

Here's a Fuse interview with The Chainsmokers: