October 25, 2016


Fakeout 'Walking Dead' Premiere Scene Shows Negan Killing Someone Who Never Died

Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead's Season 6 cliffhanger, wherein new über-baddie Negan mashed a to-be-determined hero's head in with a spiked baseball bat, was reportedly filmed with 11 different cast members playing the victim. How come? So nobody could find out, in the more-than-six-month wait, who got murked.

Spoilers from here on out!


Now video has leaked of Negan killing Maggie rather than Glenn. (R.I.P. Glenn, we love you so much.) If you've got the stomach for it, watch below, or here if it gets pulled.

The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere pulled 17 million viewers, slightly less than the record set by Season 5's premiere, watched by 17.3 million zombie-heads. The AMC series was renewed for an eighth season a week before No. 7 kicked off.

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