Twice Are Cosplay Queens in Halloween-Themed 'TT' Video: Watch

Twice is further proving they're one of the new-generation K-pop acts to watch thanks to their latest release, "TT," the girl group's third release to date.

"TT" cleverly refers to the emoticon used in texting to jokingly refer to crying (as in the the top of the T's are one's eyes and the long lines represent tears streaming down one's face) which plays nicely with the lyrics of the ladies' adolescent frustration over navigating a new relationship. Past Twice singles "Like Ooh Ahh" and "Cheer Up" were centered more on strong choruses, but "TT" is filled with hook upon hook, from Nayeon's super-catchy opening opening "Ba-ba-ba-baby" to Sana's "na na na" line plus the "I’m like TT / Just like TT" chorus. There's an earworm in this cut for everyone's taste. 

We would have liked to hear a little less AutoTune, but the cut is an undeniable jam and has already been topping the charts in their domestic Korea.