October 14, 2016


Rejoice, TV Horror Fans: 'Scream' & 'Van Helsing' Both Got Renewed


Two cable series based on hyper-well-known horror franchises have both been renewed. Syfy's Van Helsing, only four episodes into its first season, will be back in 2017; MTV's Scream will be, as well. Scream Season 3 will only run six episodes; Van Helsing Season 2 will go a full 13.

Van Helsing's plot involves subterranean vampires creeping above ground after a volcano blows, rising, as Deadline writes, "up through a dark, ash-filled sky to overtake America." Their greatest foe is Vanessa Van Helsing, whose ancestor fought the god Dracula. Fun twist on the lore: she's immune to getting vamped, and she can turn the undead back into humans.

Van Helsing showrunner and writer Neil LaBute celebrated the renewal like so:

“We have a wonderful and terrifying road ahead planned for Vanessa, her allies and her enemies. I think this is a world and a story that can be sustained for many years and I am inspired to do so thanks to Syfy’s obvious trust and commitment in the storytellers, cast and crew.”

Scream's renewal feels tentative, with the shortened season and with a new, still-TBD showrunner, the third switcheroo for that role since the series' June 2015 debut. A pair of two-person showrunner units came before. Deadline writes that the show has endured "a lot of turnover" and, ratings-wise, has "had a bumpy run." On Oct. 18, a two-hour Scream Halloween special will set up Season 2.

Now, watch actor/filmmaker Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Girl and Boy Meets World) break down his five favorite horror movies for Fuse: