October 10, 2016


Watch Rivers Cuomo Tackle a Flag-Wearing Patton Oswalt in Weezer's 'I Love the U.S.A.'

If Patton Oswalt was king of the world, he'd hop into the Oval Office and just soak it all in while wearing an American flag for pants. And that's what he does in Weezer's latest video.

In the video for "I Love the U.S.A," a bonus track off Weezer's self-titled white album, Oswalt wears a flawless combination of red, white and blue, including flowy pants, a head scarf and fanny pack.

Rivers Cuomo also makes a cameo in the video as a secret service agent, who tries to thwart Oswalt's plan to press an ominous red button. Cuomo tackles him but causes his own trouble. Watch the kookiness above and then check out Weezer talking about Lil Wayne in our old-school Fuse interview: