October 21, 2016


Weird Al Turns Donald Trump's 'Bad Hombres,' 'Nasty Woman' Comments Into a Music Video

Give 'em a few hours and Schmoyoho and Weird Al could make anything happen. In less than 48 hours, they've released their Auto-Tuned version of the presidential debate from Wednesday and it highlights the Donald Trump's especially foolish viral phrases "bad hombres" and "nasty woman."

Schmoyoho (a.k.a. the Gregory Brothers, the people behind "Auto-Tune the News" hits like "Bedroom Intruder") teamed up with parody god Weird Al, who acted as a moderator to the remixed debate. Al's moves are out of control as flames fly and sparks spark.

Check out the extremely catchy tune above and then peep some photos of the comedian in action: