November 4, 2016


This Ariana Grande & Stevie Wonder Song 'Faith' Is a Real Hand-Clapper

Getty Images
Getty Images

Stevie Wonder is a legend. And, well, Ariana Grande is pretty much a legend-in-wait. So when the two paired up to record a song for the upcoming film Sing, you knew it wouldn't disappoint.

"Faith" is a party-rousing, floor-shaking jam with a killer bass line and a bluesy flair, with lyrics like, “I got faith in you baby, I got faith in you now / And you've been such a, such a good friend of me / Know that I gotta love you somehow (love you somehow) / I met you, hallelujah, I got faith.”

The song benefits from a gospel vibe in a group-sung chorus and Wonder's grumbly and crisp piano, along with a brass section done just right. Grande tweeted that she's "beyond honored to be on this song with the incredible Stevie Wonder."

The animated movie Sing premieres on Dec. 31 and stars Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Seth MacFarlane.