November 8, 2016


Ben Affleck's ‘The Batman’ Has a Surprising, Never-Explored, 'Completely Integral' Story

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

We've heard a wee bit about Ben Affleck's standalone film The Batman, but Joe Manganiello really brought the hype-Batarangs this week. Speaking on the radio show Mark Madden, Super Genius, the Magic Mike XXL actor who'll play baddie Deathstroke said:

“[Ben Affleck's] take is a fresh take but I think the audience is going to be surprised. Because it’s a road that no one’s really gone down that’s completely integral to who Batman is. And I think it’s gonna be refreshing but at the same time completely familiar. But it’s going to take this franchise in a direction that I think a lot of people are going to be really happy about.”

Start guessing, Dark Knight–heads!

Manganiello had more to say, although he gets vague and boilerplate-y: "Ben's a great director, man":

Getty Images, Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics
Getty Images, Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

“It’s going to be gritty and action packed and cerebral and all of those elements that people love about Batman. Ben’s a great director, man. Everything is lined up for a really, really, really great movie. Not only a superhero movie, but just a great, great movie. Which is why, you know, I told him in the room, man, when I met him, 'I should be so lucky, I’d be in great hands to work with you, I love your movies, let’s do this.'”

Last month, revealing that the title is The BatmanAffleck said, "We’re working on the script, the script is going well, I’m really excited about it.” Also last month, original TV Batman Adam West floated an interesting idea about appearing in the new flick, which doesn't have a release date but won't come out till after Justice League, dropping Nov. 17, 2017.

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