November 4, 2016


Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines Zings CMA Awards After Beyoncé Backlash

Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images
Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Some in the country music community got all twisted and confused after Wednesday night's CMA Awards, which had Beyoncé joining forces with the Dixie Chicks to perform her Lemonade cut "Daddy Lessons." The CMA ended up deleting evidence of Beyoncé's performance on their social media.

Vocal opponents were mad that Bey attended the show as an avid Black Lives Matter advocate, frequently arguing that BLM contradicts the "American values" that country music symbolizes. (You can read more about it here, because honestly, the whole thing is a misunderstood shitshow, and I don't understand why we can't all love each other.)

The Dixie Chicks' performance at the CMA Awards was also steeped in tension, since the group had been semi-shunned from country radio after Maines made comments about George W. Bush in 2003. Their 2006 album got no love from the CMA.

After all this backlash, Maines had some perfect zingers on Twitter, which I'll let you read below, since they are best in her voice:

She then quoted Beyoncé's "Formation":

This calls for a listen to "Not Ready to Make Nice," doesn't it?

As well as some respect for the brilliance of Bey: