November 4, 2016


Beyoncé Reportedly Joining Jay Z's Hillary Clinton Concert Tonight

Yosra El-Essawy/Chime For Change/Getty Images
Yosra El-Essawy/Chime For Change/Getty Images

Last week, news arrived that Jay Z would hold a Cleveland, Ohio concert in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The concert goes down tonight, and CBS News has a source saying Beyoncé will join. 

The Jay (and hopefully Bey) concert goes down at Cleveland State University tonight. "The concert is aimed at millennials and African-American voters in the Democratic stronghold of Cuyahoga County," CBS reports, "where Clinton needs big margins on election night to defeat Donald Trump, who is leading the polls in Ohio."

Mrs. Knowles-Carter made a passionate plea for folks to vote at her Tidal X: 1015 concert-closing performance, telling fans:

"Doing nothing right now is not an option, y'all. I know it seems like things are bad, but if you think they can't get worse, just ask your grandparents. Remember, Barack Obama is our President. You made that happen, young people made that happen. We are not helpless. The fire is still burning. Please go out and vote this November. So many people have died and sacrificed so much for us to have our voice, we have to use it. Get in formation. Use our voices to do something great for our children."

Yoncé already made headlines with another performance this week, taking the CMA Awards by surprise to perform "Daddy Lessons" with the Dixie Chicks.