November 18, 2016


Bruno Mars on '24K Magic': 'This Album, I Can’t Do Better'

Kai Z Feng
Kai Z Feng

Bruno Mars has returned to bringing the old-school funk to music with new album 24K Magic. The follow-up to 2012's Unorthodox Jukebox is filled with '90s R&B influence, a sprinkling of James Brown and vibrant melodies that will have you dancing all over Sin City. Bruno spoke with NME about his new record, which he declares “For me, this album, I can’t do better."

It features the title track and fun party jam "24K Magic," bedroom romp "Versace on the Floor," the groovy "Perm" and a surprise appearance from Halle Berry on "Calling All My Lovelies." "95 per cent of music is about love. That’s why cavemen were hitting stones to get everybody around the fire and get them feeling sexy," Mars said. "It’s exactly the same principle, the same thing: just get people on the dancefloor, get the girls smiling." 

Bruno stressed the importance of using live instruments throughout the album, rather than rely on electronics, saying "I have to touch an instrument or it won’t come out. If I’m not touching the guitar or touching the drum machine or playing the piano, the song just won’t come out. I have to be in it, all the way.”

Speaking of technology, the singer doesn't like the trend of fans viewing concerts through their phones instead of being in the moment. He tells NME:

“But the phone thing created this wall, where I’m going, ‘Man, I can’t see no faces. I don’t know if you’re smiling, and you can’t dance because you’re worried about the shot so you’re not moving.’ And it’s a weird battle because you can’t complain about it because you have people at your show. But I promise you that if you put your phone down, then I’m gonna give you something.”

Bruno Mars will be supporting 24K Magic with a massive 90-date world tour, which kicks off on March 28 in Antwerp, Belgium. Next up, watch a roundup of his hilarious Fuse interview outtakes: