November 8, 2016


BToB Are 'New Men' With Emotional, Uptempo Single 'I'll Be Your Man': Watch

When Fuse met BToB at KCON 2016 New York, the boy band told us that they were eager to try out new genres despite finding so much success with their recent ballad hits like "Way Back Home" and "Remember That." For their latest release, the band finds a way to incorporate their successful crooning style with a refreshing emphasis on hip-hop sections and turning up the tempo that makes for an even greater emotional punch. 

"I'll Be Your Man" is the lead single the band's new EP New Men with the track boasting a more ballad-like opening as classical violins and pianos back the guys' croons. But quickly, it becomes clear this isn't another BToB ballad as trap beats, emotional guitar chords and exciting rap sections are incorporated into the cut as the production grows more exciting. By the second verse, the listener is quickly brought into fiercer hip-hop verses while the choruses become even more emotional. The songs are slightly reminiscent to releases by Infinite and GFriend, who have also found ways to bring string vocal performances into exciting uptempo tracks, but the heavier hip-hop influence along with this song still treading mostly in ballad area make this uniquely BToB.

The seemingly religious-themed music video also adds brings some exciting variety as the guys switch from dancing in B-boy-styled outfits to slick, velvet suits. Lots of scenes are filmed inside confession booths or what looks like a church, in line with the lyrics where the guys pray the girl they broke up with will find a way to come back to them, kicked off with Peniel's English intro, "Girl, I don’t know where you are / But if you can hear my prayer / Give me one last shot."

New Men is BToB's ninth EP to date and boasts seven new tracks. Listen to a preview here and below watch the band explain their desire to try new music styles: