November 28, 2016


Celine Dion Dares to Cover Sia's 'Cheap Thrills'

If you didn't have dollar bills to have fun on Saturday night, you most likely missed Céline Dion's Las Vegas' show. And that means that you missed Dion trying out Sia's Top 40 hit "Cheap Thrills."

Thankfully, the cover was caught on about 40 different camera phones, and you can see Dion gleefully bopping around and using her legendary voice to slide around "Cheap Thrills" like a playground.

It's no secret that Dion is a big ol' Sia fan. Back in July, the French Canadian force did an impersonation of the singer on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And in August, she wrote a tribute to Sia for Billboard, extolling, "I'm mesmerized by her confidence."

“She’s an artist with a clear vision—for her songs, her videos, her performances,” Dion wrote. “This industry can break you; it’s tough. But Sia has managed to carve out her own path, on her own terms and in her own time.”

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