November 22, 2016


Channing Tatum Dons Elvis Presley Disguise for Elevator Prank: Watch

At this point, we're absolutely sure Channing Tatum came out of the womb with AWESOMENESS GUARANTEED stamped on the sole of his foot. Today's evidence comes in the form of the Foxcatcher actor impersonating Elvis Presley, in costume, in an elevator with strangers.

The ever-wonderful Tatum doesn't ditch the Elvis wig and glasses until the three-minute mark. "What the what! What the what!" one woman shouts. In a bonus bit at the end, we see that one woman indeed recognized Tatum as soon as she got on the elevator, saying, "Your disguise is not good enough."

The video comes in partnership with Omaze and the HIV/AIDS-fighting organization (RED). At Omaze's site, fans can make donations beginning at $10 to get a chance to see the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show premiere alongside Tatum himself.

The very prolific Omaze has previously had Ben Affleck and Chris Pratt surprise kids in their own fun fashions.