November 17, 2016


'Redbone': Childish Gambino's Second 'Awaken, My Love!' Track Is Another Crazy Curveball

Frank Ocean did something amazing this year by opening his four-years-awaited album Blonde with an unrecognizable pitched-up vocal being the first thing you hear for two minutes. Donald Glover, whose music as Childish Gambino has always conversed with the nerdiness, adventurousness, and beyond-just-music landscape of Frocean's work, just followed suit with the new ...Awaken, My Love! song "Redbone."

Just like our first taste of the album, "Me and Your Mama," featured only slivers of the Childish Gambino we've known for almost a decade, "Redbone" relies on entirely new styles, sounds, textures and vocals. We'd describe it a little more explicitly, but with such a plain "here's the song, no fuss" presentation, we're guessing Glover wants you to be as surprised as possible. But at this point we can guarantee the record's going to sound like it came four or five albums after the last one, 2013's Because the Internet.

...Awaken, My Love!'s existence recently came out of the blue, tying itself to a Dec. 2 release date. "Redbone" appears in the dead center of the 11-track mindfuck-masterpiece-to-be.

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