November 16, 2016


Watch Drake Hilariously Freak Out Over David Blaine's Froggy Magic Trick

David Blaine is notorious for shocking people—from everyday folks to big-name celebrities—with his mind-boggling magic tricks. His latest victims were Drake, Dave Chappelle and NBA star Steph Curry, who were featured on Blaine's Beyond Magic special on ABC. The poor things had no idea what they were into, as the magician displayed his frog trick.

Blaine calmly asked Chappelle to draw an animal on his phone that was small enough to fit in Drake's hand, and the comedian went for a frog. Little did he (and the rest of the room) know, the magician was going to spit out an actual amphibian into a champagne flute! Watch above to see Drake's viral-worthy reaction.

After you finish creating hilarious memes and gifs based on Curry's and Drake's absolute disgust over Blaine's shenanigans, check out an episode of Fuse's original series The Drake Effect: