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Desiigner's 10 Most Memorable Moments of 2016: 'Panda'monium, Mannequin Challenge & More

The animated rapper is today's star for our 2016 Breakout Week, which celebrates the acts that dominated the mainstream world this year

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Taking over Austin City Limits with The Chainsmokers

Desiigner and The Chainsmokers brought their wild NYC vibes to ACL Fest in October, where the DJ duo brought out the rapper for an epic rendition of "Panda." Desiigner's flailing arms and dabs were made even more intense thanks to the turned-up crowd and fiery stage effects.

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The late-night TV debut of "Panda"

The Brooklynite celebrated his "Panda" single topping the Billboard Hot 100 by making his TV debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on May 11. Desiigner transformed the small stage into his own club, complete with a DJ, hype man, endless dabs and—of course—his signature microphone air flip. It's a wonder that he didn't get out of breath!

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An adorably failed Mannequin Challenge

Desiigner attempted the Mannequin Challenge back in November, which became a viral phenomenon thanks to Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" single. With "Tiimmy Turner" blasting in the background, the rapper took over the Champs Sports store in the Mall of America and tried the challenge with the employees and his fans. It seems like a solid effort at first until the very end, where the always-animated Desiigner can't keep still!

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Giving French Montana an epic birthday shoutout

A few moments before ringing in his 32nd birthday, French Montana hung out with his buddy Desiigner, who gave him a celebratory shoutout in the most Desiigner way possible. Watch above as Montana can't contain his laughter as the rapper inaudibly grumbles.

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The Tim Westwood freestyle

Desiigner proved his versatility when he stopped by Tim Westwood’s Capital XTRA show in April and went totally a cappella for a freestyle. His rapid-fire flow, Hannibal Lector-referencing lyrics and overall swagger led to over a million views on YouTube.

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The turn up never ends!

Desiigner's raw energy is unmatched, and during an April concert he showed just how turned up he can get. While performing "Panda," the rapper got so into the song that he actually picked up one of his crew members from the side of the stage and threw the guy over his shoulders!

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Heading to prom in style

Desiigner's achieved immense success before his 19th birthday, but he's still just a teen who wants to have fun with his classmates. The rapper showed off his fun experience at prom, which included pulling up in a Rolls-Royce, flossing gold chains and getting jiggy to Drake's "Controlla" on the dance floor.

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The show must go on!

Back in April, Desiigner's body apparently couldn't handle the amount of litness he was putting it through. While performing "Panda," the rapper quickly threw up (while dabbing, of course) and then kept rapping like nothing happened. A true professional!

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Kids love "Panda"

The rapper's breakout "Panda" single is infectious among all ages, as seen with this Instagram video he posted with a baby bopping to the music. The little boy begins to act fussy in the backseat of a car until his mom plays "Panda." His face immediately lights up and he even mimics Desiigner's signature "GRAAA!" sound.

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Showing off his softer side

Desiigner may be known for his fiery rap songs, but he also knows how to get romantic! The artist showed how he gets all the ladies when he sung The Temptations' "My Girl" in the studio. The a cappella rendition is actually pretty great, yet in true Desiigner fashion he tops it all off with a dark hiccup that would make Darth Vader jealous.

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