November 14, 2016


11 Bands & Record Labels Helping You Give to Charity in Donald Trump's America

Ebru Yildiz
Ebru Yildiz

Do you love music? Do you love lifting up others and not succumbing to bigotry? Well, despite all the gunk news happening in the past week, there are tons of bands who are helping you out.

These artists/labels/whatnot are putting their music for sale and donating the proceeds to helpful charities that support issues that are threatened under Donald Trump's regime.

Hop Along are throwing it back to Frances Quinlan's first magical folkish release to generate funds for the ACLU.

Bass producer EPROM is donating til the end of the year, if you're in the mood for some next-level electro.

Up-and-coming rock band Charly Bliss released a song about being catcalled. "I wrote this song to make me feel like I had some power in a situation where I felt totally powerless, and we’re releasing it for the same reason," they wrote. Buy it for $1! The proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Very fun rock duo PWR BTTM are sending money to Planned Parenthood, along with their record label.

Turtlenecked has a guitar-frantic, punk-esque declaration against the "Boys Club" that will help Planned Parenthood.

Shigeto is offering up the chill vibes in this "What Are We Made Of?" track that will benefit PP. "I'm thinking about who i want to be and how i want to play my small part in this world right now," they wrote on Bandcamp.

Florida's emo guys You Blew It are selling this T-shirt that will benefit PP.

Modern Baseball and their Run for Cover label mates donated sales from Nov. 10 to 13.

Dido's "White Flag" is a lesson in resilience, so Foxing recorded a meaningful version mixed by Chris Walla for PP and ACLU.

Diet Cig and the Father/Daughter Records family donated last week too.

Fat Wreck Chords, which reps the likes of NOFXAgainst Me!, Night Birds, Mean Jeans, Swingin’ Utters, Face to Face and Good Riddance, are bringing back the shirt they sold during George W. Bush's presidency, except this time with Donald Trump. The shirt goes on sale on Nov. 23 here.

Proceeds from the sale of these shirts over the next four years will be donated," they write, "to organizations working to combat whatever bullshit policies this scumbag attempts to perpetrate on our country and the world.”

Also, for more places you can send your money, Jezebel compiled a list of pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-Earth, anti-bigotry organizations that need your support. So donate! And, even better, do it in Mike Pence's name.

Check out these musicians reacting to the thought of Donald Trump as president below: